Official Southern Oregon Speedway
Photgraphy Provided By
Southern Oregon Speedway Pictures
Photos From  Opening Day By DCRR Racing Media

Note, these are just basic pictures and not nearly the quality of Shadows Of Light Photography.  Carole is our official photographer, so please support her by buying a photo when you see something you like.  Help keep her out there by purchasing a photo of your favorite driver.
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71s-Chad Cardoza
21wr-Jake Wheeler
25s-Camden Robustelli
89-Kristopher Mix
17s-Rob Gergel
0s-Matt Harlow
11k-Kyle Casson
87-Dillen Lausen
68t-Dan Thomas
12-Rick Lukens
26s-Ryan Smith
B40-Steve Borror
20-Julia Flowers
8n-Bob Nelsen
2d-Devon Weiser
2g-James Welshonse
L88-Jeffrey Hudson
21-Jeremy Ohlde
68-Jesse Bailey
29-Tyler Lockwood
6j-Keith Foux
34-Tom Hackworth
03-John Cobb
9s-Mason Lewman